Month: November 2015

Learn How Churchill Saved the FREE World!

Our theme today was Freedom, and at what cost does it come? This was especially poignant coming on the heels of Veterans’ Day.Joining the show today, was Jonathan Sandys, the Great Grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, Jeff Senour, Lead singer for CTS who played on the Coalition to Salute American’s Heroe’s float in New York City during their Veteran’s day parade. Also joining us was author Stephen Schwertley who is sure to strike terror in your heart with his latest novel, Enemy in the Heartland, and lastly, meet Frankie’s Dad Bert! You are going to love him. You would...

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Quality Education Around the World

Frankie Picasso of FrankieSense & More, talks with global education thought leaders around the issues that prevent 49% of the worlds children from having secondary school education and what solutions the United Nations with their Global Goals and these experts feel would align with humanitarian efforts. Guests include humanitarian educator from Peru, Mexico and guest R & B singer Smashy from Nigeria. Also on Itunes, The Good Radio Network Play in new window |...

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