Month: February 2016

Beauty. Brains, & Heart-Meet Social Enterprise Queens Jess & Shivani

Jessica van Theil and Shivani Singh are partners in a social enterprise organization they called Pathfinder and together they are waking up the social enterprise communities and pairing up social impact investors with local social entrepreneurs. They work in the area of global development by developing innovative solutions to enable local social entrepreneurs, promote academia, and influence policy Play in new window |...

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Melissa Burch- The Heroine’s Journey

Melissa Burch, is a best selling author, filmmaker, spiritual seeker whose latest book, her memoirs, Titled ” My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker” is an adventurous spiritual memoir about a woman in her twenties who seeks self-discovery and connection to something greater in the midst of danger in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion and in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Play in new window |...

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Saving the Wild Mustangs, A Cowboys Story

H Alan Day is a former Rancher turned author and his book The Horse Lover is his story of saving the Wild Mustangs. Alan owned a family ranch, The Lazy B..a 200,000 thousand acre spread in Arizona on which he raised cattle. He also had another large ranch in Nebraska, but when a pretty little 38,000 acre property for sale in South Dakota kept begging for him to purchase it, he decided to turn it into a Wild Horse Sanctuary. Cutting a deal with the Bureau of Land Management, and Congress, 1500 Wild Mustangs arrived on to Mustang Meadows. This is their Story, Alan’s story and what I like to call, The EVIL BLM’s story. Play in new window |...

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The Year My Life went to Hell and How i Got Out! -w/Sandra Beck

NO One ever said life was easy, but when a confident, intelligent, beautiful woman finds her life at rock bottom, its going to take everything she has to rise out of the ashes and get back on top of the world. Join guest Sandra Beck as she takes us on a Mission Unstoppable with host the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso! Play in new window |...

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