Month: May 2017

Movies with Meaning, by Brent Marchant, TGRN Movie Correspondent

In Theaters Now It’s been said that the worst tragedy any of us can experience is the loss of a child. How do we cope with such circumstances? How do we grieve? And how do we carry on? What it means to go through those experiences – from a variety of perspectives – is the focus of the Israeli comedy-drama, “One Week and a Day” (“Shavua ve Yom”) (web site, trailer), now playing in limited release in theaters specializing in foreign and independent cinema. When a middle-aged couple (Shai Avivi, Jenya Dodina) loses their twenty-something son to illness, they...

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Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter present today’s round table discussion on REPUTATION. Guests Frankie Picasso, Cathy Kravfe, ShaRon Jamison, and Linda Franklin enter into lively discussion. Does Reputation matter or is that someone else’s perception? Is Reputation the same as Character? When it’s not possible to control others’ perception of your character, how do you feel and what do you do? Let’s talk about society’s priorities today, how we live our lives, and how we act when risk is involved – don’t miss this! Celebrating vibrant, charismatic women everywhere! Also on iTunes and produced by Beck Multimedia Podcast: Play...

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