Month: November 2017


ITS HERE.. OUR BOOK IS COOKED AND WE ARE SO PROUD OF IT. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GET YOUR COPY. IT COMES IN AUDIO, EBOOK OR HARDCOVER  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WEBSITE AND ORDER Hey All., I am extremely proud of a project I have been working on for a  little over a year with my co-lead author and partner on this project, Alex Okoroji. It was late in the summer of 2016 when a Nigerian Radio Host, Actor and author meet this Radio Host and Author and we decided to become collaborators and marry our...

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Movies with Meaning, by Brent Marchant, TGRN Movie Correspondent

In Theaters Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when a parent is forced to do so for a departed child who’s taken unexpectedly and in the prime of life. Under circumstances like these, we can use all of the support we can muster, and those who often prove most helpful are those who have already been through life-and-death experiences with us. Such is the case of a distraught father burying his deceased son in the highly moving new drama, “Last Flag Flying” (web site, trailer). When Vietnam veteran Larry “Doc” Shepherd (Steve Carell) loses his only child in Iraq...

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