Month: December 2017

Movies with Meaning, by Brent Marchant, TGRN Movie Correspondent

In Theaters Finding our place in the world. Tapping into our source of personal power. Learning how to balance strength and vulnerability, power and temperance, and when to charge and when to retreat. All are noble pursuits aimed at helping is get through life and its challenges, be it in everyday matters and more heroic ventures. And understanding what it means to be a master of these skills is a venture that both defines us and guides us in how we conduct our lives. Those are among the big questions tackled in the latest installment of one of  filmdom’s...

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Tonya Hofmann-Queen of Cryptocurrency

Tonya Hofmann is an Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur! With a heart as big as the state of Texas she hails from, Tonya is not only the founder of the Public Speakers Association, but she is now leading the way for Women to play on an even playground in this new realm of Cryptocurrency. Tune In and learn what she has to say about her latest adventure…host frankie Picasso Play in new window |...

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Movies with Meaning, by Brent Marchant, TGRN Movie Correspondent

 In Theaters We all think we know what it means to fall in love, but do we really? Sometimes the reality differs markedly from what we expect, perhaps taking us in some highly unconventional directions. But, when we find that true love, no matter what form it takes, we’re generally willing to do whatever it takes to nurture and protect it, regardless of what we’re up against. Such is the case of an unlikely duo in the whimsical new fantasy/fairy tale, “The Shape of Water” (web site, trailer).  As a custodial worker in a secret government marine laboratory in...

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