Month: February 2018

Movies with Meaning, by Brent Marchant, TGMN Movie Correspondent

In Theaters Saying goodbye is never easy. The pain and sorrow can be a lot to bear, even under the “best” of circumstances. But, when the situation becomes burdened by considerations that have no business intruding upon such a difficult process, the result can be unendurable. Such are the conditions addressed in the compelling new Chilean drama, “A Fantastic Woman” (“Una mujer fantástica”) (web site, trailer). Businessman Orlando Onetto (Francisco Reyes) leads what appears to be a fairly comfortable life in Santiago. The 57-year-old runs a successful company and lives in a moderately upscale home. He also enjoys the...

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Dr. Gary Richter aka America’s Favorite Vet will be Frankie Picasso’s guest on FrankieSense & More on Thursday, Feb. 15th at 1`:00 pm EST. Now is your chance to ask one of the most beloved names in veterinary medicine about ANY questions you have about your pets. I am so excited to speak to Dr. Richter about his book, The Ultimate Pet Health Guide, Pet Nutrition , Cannabis and much more. Meet the adorable Starfish who was born with a condition called Swimmers Syndrome. Typically she would have been euthanized, but because she was one of Dr. Gary’s Patients...

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