Author: Frankie Picasso

Are YOU Chasing your Life? With Joe Nunziata

Joe Nunziata joins host Frankie Picasso on FrankieSense & More at 1:00 pm EST this Thursday, January 11th on The Good Media page on Facebook LIVE Joe Nunziata has been delivering his unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of internal energy to the world since 1992. This best selling author is also a  spiritual life and business coach, and professional speaker who teaches that to make permanent changes you must clear your negative energy and break destructive patterns of behavior at the core level. The transformational process that Joe developed enables people to create new energy and beliefs...

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2018.. It’s time for a Change

Each new year heralds in changes from the previous. It’s called GROWTH if we do it correctly. One of the changes I had promised myself to make was that of being seen more on Camera. It’s not exactly that I am shy, but rather I don’t like being seen, or inspected, or put on display. I am not sure if that makes any sense at all or if its just a weird phobia, but when smart people take time to give me advice, the least I can do it heed it, even if I take my time doing so....

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