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The Naked Talk Radio Show with host Alex Okoroji

Host Alex Okoroji keeps it REAL as she engages in Straight Talk with some of the biggest Global Icons, Leaders, Entertainers, Motivational Speakers, Authors, Life Coaches, Relationship Experts and Extra-ordinary Friends from around the World.


This show is UNSCRIPTED | UNFILTERED | UNCUT...”We are naked”- Says Alex,  so no cover ups, no edits, no perfection. Just flawed as we are. We keep it REAL!



Alex believes in stripping the lies and EMPOWERING the mind through freedom of EXPRESSION.  She is unapologetic about being open, and so MOTIVATES her GUESTS to tell it like it is....and helps her listeners build a 'Presence of MIND' while finding their voice.

The  covers comes off as Alex and her guests give their  honest Unfiltered thoughts about their lives, and their experiences on such topics such as Love, Life, Inspiration, Sex, Reality and everything in between....

Stepping Into Your Abundance Now w/ Guest – Lisa Nichols

Imagine that you could turn your life from an existence of scarcity to abundance? Today’s guest, did just that with only $12 to her name – Now she is a celebrated motivational speaker, new-york times bestselling author, teacher, life coach, media personality, business woman, Founder of Motivating The Masses™ – and one of three African-American women CEO’s at the head of a public company whose global platform has reached and served over 30 Million people,.

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The Road to Transforming Lives w/ Guests – Ajit Nawalkha & Dr Neeta Bhushan

Coaching has become a way for many professionals to provide support and guidance to their clients to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. Today’s Guests have co-authored ‘The Book of Coaching’ in which they share the ying & yang of building an extraordinary coaching practice that transforms lifes, the business aspect and what allows coaches to reach and enroll more clients.

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